Are You FREAKIN’ kidding?

So has anyone been following this kidnapping case in Georgia?? Apparently the mother of the girl, who was kidnapped on Tuesday, was arrested last year for drug trafficking.  She had over 500 lbs. of marijuana. 500 FREAKIN’ POUNDS, and the case was dropped for “unconstitutional search without a warrant”. REALLY? So they KNOW she was in possession of 500 lbs. and did NOTHING about it because the search was UNCONSTITUTIONAL? What a joke! Anyways, here’s the catch…One of the men arrested for the kidnapping was the same mothereFFer that this hoebag was arrested with….and they are still looking for the two other guys from the sketches? for WHAT? In my opinion it clearly was in connection with the botched drug ring that this poor girl’s fucktard mother (and I use that word loosely) is involved in and that bitch should be rotting in prison. Then they try holding this girl for $10fuckingTHOUSAND dollars ransom? Wow, this mother would have been set for a while with the half she would have made off of that, or she could have just put it back into her business and DOUBLED tripled her profit. Ohhhh and just to add a little extra, right after the girl was kidnapped the family went to bring the dog to the vet for the gun shot wounds. Don’t get me wrong, I feel terrible that this poor pup was shot, but if your kid gets kidnapped the FIRST priority is the dog? Ahhh and here’s another thing, has ANYONE seen the pictures that this 14 year old had posted of herself? But then again I guess you’re always a product of your environment. Hopefully someone steps in and rescues this girl and her brother before her mother further fucks their lives up…. Wait- why weren’t they taken away after the mother was arrested on drug possession? okayyyy….now im done!

It’s all in the name

When I was younger…hmm, even up to about 2 years ago, I used to pretend to be a coffee drinker. Ya know exactly what I mean…going into Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and order something super fancy and pretending you were all about that shit and would just nurse that damn Iced Soy Caramel Macchiato with Caramel Salt just so you could have the green mermaid lady in your hand to go with your fresh manicure. I see you!! I’m just as guilty! But that pretend coffee drinker turned into “Holy Crap, I’m getting a coffee withdrawal headach”. I honestly do enjoy my 2 cups of coffee each day. Its like a glass of “it’s all gonna be okay”. So for my 30 day blog challenge they ask “What’s the meaning behind your blogging name?” I’ll tell you exactly what it’s about. It’s about the stability in life. The things that keep you grounded. I mean i can totally only speak for myself but… really, REALLY think about you’re entire day without your cup of coffee, or your morning jog…or dare I say… leaving the house with the bed not made? Things just don’t go how they’re supposed to when just one part of your daily routine is out of order. It EFFs up your whole damn zen. So my SkimMilk2Sugar is what makes my day complete. Call me crazy, if you must but just think about it. Make sense! I know. Ohh…and remember There are NO crazy people at my tea party.

Gwendolyn the Gucci

Thats right…. Gwendolyn is my Gucci… my one and only (well 2, but my other Gucci is still nameless) Clearly she was gifted to me, being that I am on a strict stupid bride budget.

Why am I talking about my wonderful bag? Well that’s simple, today’s blog challenge… “What’s in your bag”. Normally I would think this such an absurd topic to even consider writing about, but actually sitting and thinking about this all, what  better excuse to clean out Gwendolyn and switch over to a more fall appropriate bag.

Let’s take look. First thing I pulled out is my sunglasses case. Truth be told for such a fancy ass pocketbook, I have some pretty cheap stuff in here, starting with my $10 mall stand sunglasses and the free case that came with them. My makeup bag that’s filled with Sephora brand make up that does absolutely nothing for my blotchy and terribly aging skin. A few months ago, my makeup case got snatched right out of my bag while on the train home from the city. Want to know why I was in the city? I’m going to tell you anyways…. I was at the hair and make up show. Thatssss right my shitty luck that I get robbed of all of my Mac and Urban decay make up AFTER leaving the freakin make up show. Damn you LIRR! Opening my wallet…ugh! I have a whole….$53 to last me 2 weeks. You know what that means? It’s screaming SMART ONE frozen lunches and no DD coffee. The tortureeeee! I also have about 9, no wait 12 NYC PBA cards from 2005-2013, all of which are pretty pointless being that the both times I got pulled over I was to embarrassed and shy to even hand them over to the cop (I got pulled over once by a cop in an unmarked car and while he had my license and was writing up my tickets I glanced up at him through my rear view mirror and caught him snacking on his BOOGERS! Here’s $5, go get yourself a bag of chips!). My wedding planning notebook. Not too long ago this book seemed lIke all it was doing was taking up some valuable space in Gwendolyn and now this pink and red stripped gem is my BEST FRIEND. RECEIPTS, RECEIPTS and pay stubs that just pile up while my bank account remains empty. I’ve got some dental floss and a cut up and rolled sock that I use for my sock buns. Pens, sharpies and 3 sets of keys. Mounds of costume jewelry that I wear at work for a whole 6 minutes before they drive me insane and make me want to scratch my skin right off. And to finish it all off …. 8 quarters, 2 dimes, a nickel and 13 pennies. This entire bags contents could take weeeeks to go through, so lets cut this one short and allow you to save yourself from my unstable lifestyle. Good night loviess.

She’s Got The Whole World In Her Hands

fotoBeing a newbie in BlogLand I decided to do a 30 day challenge to help get me started. Today is Day 1 and just like yesterday… its All About ME! Yeahhhh I love that shit!

“Post a recent photo of yourself along with 15 facts”  ONLY 15? Really? okay, I suppose.

This photo was taken, hmmm…3 weeks ago when the FH (future husband) and I were on our way to LANCASTER. Yup Lancaster, PA… our home away from home. Every year we decided we are going to go on a low budget vacation, to help save money for the big day and every year we say “Let’s try something new, we always go to Lancaster” but somehow that’s always where we land. It’s actually quite relaxing. Okay, enough about our Amish infatuation…

  1.  I have an un natural obsession with SHOES, one so large that it has grown out of 2 closets and continues over to my father’s basement. More than 60% of them I will probably NEVER wear again, but this little OCD freak inside of my head just will NOT allow me to get rid of any of them (truth be told, I did donate about 10 pair over the past year, major accomplishment in my book)
  2. After being on this wonderful earth for 25 years… god FINALLY blessed me with my FIRST EVER girl cousin!! Little angel face that she is was blessed to be named after me! Sad as it is, she lives in Canada and I don’t get to spend too much time with her, but little boo, I promise I will make all the trips up that I can!! Love you ❤
  3. I have written 2 complete novels…. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone or let anyone read them soI burned them both only a few weeks after they were completed. You’d think it was a waste of time, but they helped me release some built up energy.
  4. As much as I play the tough chick card all the time, its just a cover up for the big giant cry baby that I have turned into. Don’t be fooled thought, I will still bring you down with my angry big girl words!!
  5. I can NOT for whatever sick reason I hold deep within, keep my hair in the same style for more than a few months at a time. I get so bored and the thoughts in my mind keep going and then the next thing I know I’m sitting in the salon with color, foil and rollers in my hair… who knows?
  6. Ever since I was little I have HATED the summer. Not one part of the summer has ever been enough for me to even pretend to enjoy the sweltering heat or my hair sticking to the back of my neck (and the reason to shower 3 times in one FreaKin’ day!) . Now give me some frigged weather and the need to wear a sweatshirt and you have one happy, frost bitten, rosy cheeked girl playing out in the snow.
  7. I LOVE PASTA! I mean ANY kind of pasta, served ANY way. “Second’s Please”
  8. I am ALLERGIC to CHOCOLATE… okay, everyone pick yourselves off the ground and stop asking “What do you do when you’re PMSING” Answer to that is simple… please refer back to #7.
  9. If I was a store, I would be TARGET. Who wouldn’t want to be. Target makes EVERYONE happier than a pig in shit! I mean what isn’t to love. Target is LITERALLY Heaven on Earth. If anyone disagrees, please feel free to let me know where I am wrong. I mean COME ON! Shoes, clothes, food, KITCHEN GADGETS… ALL LUNDER ONE ROOF!!!
  10. I need my coffee everyday. Doesn’t necessarily have to be in the morning, but ehh, definitely wouldn’t turn down the cup… and that’s right ill take that with Skimmilkand2sugar! AND just a little side note, DD has come out with Caramel Coconut Iced Coffeeeee. Once referred to as “Heaven and Sun Tan Lotion” i’m not crazy I SWEAR but Please Go Try It!!!
  11. Regardless of everyone’s Stupid Ass opinions, Miley Cyrus is simply amazing! She’s just going through a “Faze” I swear, she’ll be fine in a few years. I mean come on look at Britney Spears, okay, maybe she’s still a little off the rocker, but I have faith in Miley. How is this a fact about me? I keep FAITH in people and their will to make a change.
  12. I have 3 kickkkkass brothers. Those dudes are the reason I wake up with the urge to FIGHT the world and all the Crap life throws at my face! We have all been through some shitty ass stuff but in the end WE’RE ALL WE GOT.
  13. I can sit home and play with my glue gun, glitter and nail polish all day (need a color? I GOT IT) ! I wish I had the time and MONEY to do all these stupid but AMAZING ideas that I see on Pinterest…ughhh way too much time spent on there obsessing over these ideas. Just waiting for my bank account to explode with money so I can buy a house and fill it with all these crafts that just roll around in my head.
  14. I have barely ever, with a few exceptions, finished reading a book… I love reading but usually half way through I get BORED to shit. I usually flip to the last chapter and see how it ends… Usually exactly how you expect it to.
  15. In 261 days I get to walk down the isle towards the love of my life (tacky cliché…yuck) and say I DO!!

No Corners To Hide…

So what better way to start a new blog other than making it … All About ME!

So for all of you that know me in the real world… outside of BLOGLAND know that I love to “Express Myself” (True Madonna girl) and sometimes I could be a little too vocal with my opinions, and get into some trouble, so I’ve decided to put all of that energy into blogging! So… here goes NOTHING, well maybe it will be something but lets find out!

I am a happy, fun-loving 26 year old, but just like anyone else, times weren’t always happy and FUN!

My family moved quite a bit, always pretty local, but still we never got used to being in one house for too long. My beautiful mother always had a knack for decorating and adding her touch to things, so once she was done with one house (project) it was time to find a new house and start all over with a fresh canvas. I am the 2nd child and only girl. I have a wonderful and kick ass older brother and during our moves from house to house we were joyed with the gift of 2 more brothers! They’re pretty awesome as well! My parents, were off the Pasta Boat from Italy. They gave us what they could and always made us the priority. Things in our house were Picture Perfect… or that’s what we portrayed at least. Then… 4 years ago, we lost our ROCK, our support system, the brain of the whole operation and my best friend. My mother’s life was taken way too early and that gave us all no option but to HURRY and GROW UP! FAST!

We moved AGAIN, to be closer to the rest of our family. The be near our aunts, uncles and cousins to help us out. My grandparents (on my dad’s side) moved into our new house with us to give us an extra hand with my little brothers, Now 18 and 8. My father works his ass off to do what he can to give them the most normal life they can have, but of course there’s always those struggles that none of us really know how to deal with. My older brother had his was of dealing, I liked to talk about it, mostly in writing and destroying what I write, my younger brother puts his energy into music and hides his anxiety in his headphones, and the baby, well, he just knows that we will all do just about anything to keep him happy and BOY O BOY does he abuse that privilege! My father on the other hand has had a different way of dealing with the loss. He’s a story in itself so we’ll just leave it at that for today.

So then with our move, I joined the volunteer fire department as an EMT and I meet my dream man. Tall, handsome, strong and simply amazing. Currently I we are 8 months away from taking that walking down the aisle! I get to marry the strongest and most caring person in the universe! (I got the firefighter Bitchess) Just about 3 years ago this hunk of fire love walked into my life and has leveled me out beyond belief! He is my sanity. I now believe that there is a light at the end of every tunnel.

My blogs other than this one obviously, wont be about any of my life’s struggles or trials, but the good times rather. I am a very funny person and want to put all of that into my writing. I started this blog with my short version life story so that you all know who I am and where I am from. I like to write about things going on in the real world. No I’m not going to write about the wars, politics or any of that crap and im definitely not going to write about or even entertain the nonsense of KimK or her oddly named child.(I mean unless they do something so absurd that I absolutely MUST) But what I do write is going to be REAL. Its going to be my thoughts and comments of what I feel is going on. I’ll add my own input and make the BEST out of every situation. With time, I hope to branch out with other bloggers and work together, doing product reviews and giveaways. I hope you all enjoy my work! Let the journey begin!!